User Guide

Smilee Earn Vaults allow users to participate as a Liquidity Provider on the Protocol.

Deposit Liquidity

  1. To deposit liquidity, first you need to select the Vault.

  2. Select the amount in USDC that you wish to deposit

  3. That's all! Your deposit will be executed at the next rebalance data (roll-epoch)

Liquidity is provided in USDC. Smilee will swap assets for you when the deposit is executed at the Rebalance date.

When depositing liquidity, it will appear as "Pending Deposit".

Liquidity is actually added to the Vault during Roll Epoch, which is the next Rebalance Date. To know more, please check Maturities & Epochs.

Withdraw Liquidity

  1. To withdraw liquidity, you need to navigate to the Vault you have deposited liquidity into

  2. Click "Withdraw" and select the amount of Shares you wish

  3. Wait for the next roll-epoch

  4. Click "Execute Withdraw"

  5. That's it! USDC will be now in your wallet

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