Read Value of an IG Position

To check the state of your positions within a DVP, you can use PositionManager.positionDetail(tokenID) method for looking at the state of the position.

PositionManger is a ERC721Enumerable so you can easily retrieve your position.

// Instantiate the AddressProvider
AddressProvider addressProvider = AddressProvider(0x);
PositionManager posManager = PositionManager(addressProvider.positionManager());

// Get how many token you have.
uint256 balanceOfMyPosition = posManager.balanceOf(myAddress);
// Iterate through all your position and get the position details:
uint256 i = 0;
for (i = 0; i < balanceOfMyPosition; i++) {
	uint256 tokenID = posManager.tokenOfOwnerByIndex(myAddress, i);
	PositionDetail memory positionDetail = posManager.positionDetail(tokenID);
	// The current value of the position (premium at which you can sell / payoff if rexpired). It returns also an estimation of the fee.
	uint256 currentPayoff = dvp.payoff(positionDetail.expiry, positionDetail.strike, positionDetail.notionalUp, positionDetail.notionalDown)

posManager.positionDetail(uint256) returns the following struct:
struct PositionDetail {
    address dvpAddr; // DVP associated with the position
    address baseToken; // BaseToken address
    address sideToken; // SideToken address
    uint256 dvpFreq; // DVP maturity frequency in seconds
    bool dvpType; // At the moment only "Impermanent Gain" has been implemented, so it returns always IG
    uint256 strike; // Strike of the position
    uint256 expiry; // Time of expiry of the position
    uint256 premium; // Premium paid including fees
    uint256 leverage; // Leverage of the position
    uint256 notionalUp; // Notional of the position, for Bull Impermanent Gain
    uint256 notionalDown; // Notional of the position, for Bear Impermanent Gain
    // Positions can have both notionalUp and notionalDown > 0 (Smile Impermanent Gain). Please note that only symmetrical positions are accepted 
    uint256 cumulatedPayoff; // Payoff already received due to previus reductions in the size of the position

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